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Fun fitness breaks add up fast

A man does yoga in his living room.


March 27, 2021—Hitting your recommended goal of 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week doesn't have to be a big deal. You can make it a small one by spreading it out into short, 10-minute fitness bursts.

Here are some simple ways to get started:

Dance to your own tune. Put on your favorite music and dance right where you are. It can boost your mood and your fitness.

Find hidden strength. Stash fitness equipment like resistance bands and small weights in your kitchen, your home office, your laundry room or where you watch TV. Bust them out whenever you're waiting.

Take a power walk. Get your day started or wind it down with a short, brisk walk around the block, if it's safe. See if you can improve your pace over time.

Do a 10-minute circuit. You don't need any special equipment for an effective circuit workout. Just follow these tips from the American Heart Association to mix and match cardio and strength moves that will keep your heart pumping and muscles challenged.

Take a seventh-inning stretch. Refresh your body and your mind with an afternoon yoga break. Gently stretch your arms, legs and back with moves like cat-cow, downward-facing dog and child's pose.

Clean it like you mean it. Multitask by turning household chores into aerobic activities. Jog from room to room as you put things away. Move faster when you're vacuuming, sweeping or washing the floor.

Step it up. If you have stairs, every climb can be a mini workout. For a fitness boost, don't go up and down just once. Add a few extra minutes for the ultimate step workout.

Work it at work. Make your next meeting a "walk and talk." Or do some squats and lunges on your break.

Get fit as a family. Don't go it alone. Get everyone involved. Bike around the block together, play tag or kick around a soccer ball. It all counts!

With a little creativity and short time commitments during your day, you'll meet your weekly fitness goal fast.

For more fun ideas, visit our Fitness and Exercise health topic center.

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