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8 fun ways to say 'goodbye' to 2020

Silhouetted "2021" on a hillside with someone pushing "0" over the edge.

Dec. 30, 2020—This New Year's Eve, the safest way to celebrate is at home with the people you live with. Even small gatherings with friends and family who live elsewhere could end up spreading the coronavirus.

That means you'll want to put on your creative hat to come up with some alternative ways to mark the passage from 2020 to 2021. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Take a trip around the world. Learn about New Year's traditions in some other countries. As the clock strikes midnight in different places around the world, celebrate with a unique activity from that country.

2. Spread some thanks. Who did well by you this past year? Who are you most grateful for? Send those people texts at midnight, thanking them for everything they did to get you through a tough year.

3. Get crafty. Bring everyone in your household together to work on a New Year's craft. You could make your own party hats from construction paper—or cover one end of a toilet paper roll in tissue paper for a homemade kazoo.

4. Get on board. Break out the board games. Challenge each other to a championship Trivial Pursuit game. For even more fun, invite others to play virtually over a video chat app.

5. Play dress-up. You can still dress to the nines, even if you're staying home. Or host a virtual costume party. Invite friends and family to come as their favorite character. Guess who each person is supposed to be.

6. Host a sing-along. Download a karaoke app, share your screen and invite your virtual guests to take turns performing holiday songs.

7. Puzzle it out. If a quiet celebration is more your speed, set out a large jigsaw puzzle and put it together over mocktails. See if you can finish by midnight.

8. Stick with the standards. Buy some party poppers and watch the ball drop on TV. Make some noise when midnight strikes.

I resolve…

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